Please make checks payable to:

SAM Magic Endowment Fund

445 Brandywine Dr.

Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Since its inception, the Fund has distributed over


in charitable giving

How we give back:

  • Providing grants for needy youngsters to attend summer magic camp 
  • Providing financial assistance to magicians in need 
  • Sponsoring college scholarships to qualified magicians 
  • Supporting the Magic Hall of Fame and Magic Museum 
  • Supporting the S.A.M. Magic Center Foundation 
  • Recognizing literary achievement in the Society’s monthly magazine
  • Providing interpreters for the hearing impaired at the S.A.M. annual convention 
  • Sponsoring youth fellowships to attend conventions to study the magical arts 
  • Provide relief to magicians who have been ravaged by natural disasters like hurricanes and floods 
  • Supporting specific programs designed to elevate the history and art of magic