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The Houdini Gravesite

A group of S.A.M Members gather in 2023 in memory of Houdini's passing on Oct 31, 1926.  The Houdini Grave site, the final resting place for Houdini in Machpelah Cemetery, is located in Queens, New York.  He purchased the burial plot in 1916 for his family.  His parents and brother (Hardeen the magician) are interred there, as well as other family members.  Over the past 100 years the monuments and grave markers on the site have come into disrepair.  The MEF, in conjunction with the Society of American Magicians and Parent S.A.M. Assembly #1, has undertaken an effort to fund the restoration of the monuments and continue to fund the maintenance of the site.  We look forward to a complete restoration of these monuments.

The Society of American Magicians Convention

A very successful Society of American Magicians convention was held in New Orleans, LA July 22-26, 2023.  Tina Lenert was a fabulous honoree.  The MEF was proud to be able to fund several of the events to help further the Art of Magic.  These included stipends/grants for:  The Stars of Tomorrow Show contestants; The Bradley Jacobs People's Choice award for the stage contest; Contestant stipends for stage contest performers; and grants for 25 Society of Young Magicians (SYM) members' convention registrations.

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SHEZAM - Women in Magic Podcast

Shezam was born out of Kayla’s extensive frustration with how women in magic - and other industries - are treated. With co-creator Carisa Hendrix, Shezam has ignited the conversations that aren't often spoken about on such a large platform.

Shezam is not only a podcast, but a full resource for the magic community to empower women to empower themselves.

Shin Lim wins America’s Got Talent - TWICE!

Shin Lim, “I was privileged to be the recipient of a Harry and Trudy Monti College Scholarship through the Magic Endowment Fund.  The scholarship helped me further my education in magic and business, leading to a career in the performing arts.  The MEF has also provided scholarships to my compeers to assist in their growth as young adults and provide a foundation in the wonderful world of magic.  I encourage all to donate to the MEF to help grow the art of magic.  Thank you.”  Shin Lim twice won in America’s Got Talent Franchise: in 2018 AGT Season 13, and AGT: the Champions in 2019.  Shin Lim now has a long term residency in Las Vegas headlining his own show at the MGM Mirage.

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S. A. M. Magicians Volunteer Program Brings Magic to Children in Hospitals

Entertaining children is especially rewarding. A magician performing for a hospitalized child can make their day a lot better.  For a few moments the magic helps them enjoy the wonder and surprise  of a well performed trick, and brings a smile to their faces. The MEF is honored to support the S.A.M. Magic in Hospitals program.

EPIC Foundation (Educate, Protect and Invest in Children) in Honolulu, HI

EPIC Foundation (Educate, Protect and Invest in Children) in Honolulu, HI in 2018 Summer Journey program students sending their Mahalo to the MEF for the magic supplies for their summer magical journey.

Permission to post was granted by Kathy Awaya, Director of EPIC Foundation

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MEF Provides Full Scholarships to 2022 and 2023 Magic Camps!

Tannen’s Magic Camp is located on the enchanting grounds of Bryn Mawr College, approximately nine miles west of Philadelphia. Young magicians from 11 to 20 years old, from around the world with a shared interest in the magical arts, come together and create lifelong friendships.  The MEF provided four full scholarships to each of the 2022 and 2023 magic camps.

NY Yankees Donate to Honor Magician

On the third day of HOPE Week in 2019,  the New York Yankees Foundation honored Olmedo Rentería, better known as "The Great Olmedini," with a $10,000 check to the MEF. Olmendo has been performing magic tricks on the NYC subway for 30 years. Though a stroke robbed him of his vision 10 years ago, he still ventures out to perform for wide-eyed tourists and commuting New Yorkers alike.

The MEF is grateful to the New York Yankees Foundation for this generous gift honoring one of New York's finest citizens.
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